Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scroll Wheel - First Draft

I've spent most of today working on the new scroll wheel design.  Now that the trackball, buttons and hand support all have working prototypes, I need to get the scroll wheel into protytype too.  Below is the first draft.  It is 1" in diameter and 0.375 wide.  The slots along the side are spaced to match up with an Avago AEDR-8300 Series Encoder to act as the encoder wheel.  This makes the wheel both functional to receive input from the end-user and increment the encoder.  The goal is to minimize the footprint both in width and height as much as possible.  An axel will be added through the middle and I'll have to mill out a support (think faris wheel), PCB mounting spot and some sort of case for it all to fit into.

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