Thursday, October 27, 2011

Better optical sensor, hopefully

I sent an email over to Avago Technologies today to inquire about where to obtain some ADNS-9500 optical sensors.  None of the US distributors were stocking them, so they indicated they may be able to send me some samples.  Hopefully I will be able to begin working with these to see just how good this can get.  I really like the ADNS-7550 version I'm using now, but I'm eager to see their better chip in action.  I'm crossing my fingers that a small package of them shows up.

In the mean time, I've taken a little break.  The PCB cap needed to be redesigned with more internal clearance, but the milling of the new design failed...again.  It is very frustrating having a small CNC router that is just not so good at prototyping these larger parts.  Maybe one of these days I'll get my hands on a little more beefy CNC mill for doing these sorts of things...

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