Sunday, January 1, 2012

Arrival of the Pentabutton

I designed a new "pentabutton" before Christmas and finally got around to milling it out yesterday.  I'll be working on the metal contacts to complete it sometime today.  It should allow me to fully map out all 11 capacitive touch buttons.  Buttons will include:  3 mouse, 2 scroll (up & down), 1 resolution selection, 5 user programmable keystrokes.

The new pentabutton is intended to be placed for your first finger and first mouse button.  The mouse button being in the middle area with four optional programmable button pads around the sides.

On a side note, I'm awaiting the arrival of some neoprene material to make yet another hand support prototype.  Making this thing work from an electrical and programming point of view was the easy part.  Designing the look and feel seems to be the harder part of this project.  I'll be contracting my wife to sew up the neoprene and help me out with the pattern making with her mad sewing skills. 

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