Sunday, September 25, 2011

First prototype working

I spent most of the day building up the first prototype PCB with the related parts.  I choose to cook the board on the stove top in a pan to reflow the SMD components.  After three rounds of cooking, they were all finally flowed successfully.  After that, I manually soldered in the optical sensor (16 pin DIP package) and added the eight control wires that currently link back into my bread board where my Teensy is controlling the show.  Final testing showed I had just one bad via that needed to be reworked.  I guess it lost its wire during the cooking process.  It was a simple matter to fix, then the board tested out great.  I fired it up and to my surprise, it worked perfectly!  My first PCB milled and first time reflowing SMD components.  I was very happy. 

I then spent a little while connecting the board to the underside of the ball support socket.  After all that, I spent a few hours polishing up the code.  I now have full mouse control from my newly created trackball.  It works!!!

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